Yemeni Foreign Minister sends message across the world on seventh anniversary of Saudi invasion

Yemeni Foreign Minister sends message across the world on seventh anniversary of Saudi invasion

The Yemeni Foreign Minister has sent messages to foreign ministers across the world as well as to the heads of international and regional organisations, on the seventh anniversary of the US-Saudi military aggression and the comprehensive siege on Yemen.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hisham Sharaf Abdullah clarified in his messages that the aggression, since the first day on March 26, 2015, has committed war crimes, in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, the Charter of the United Nations and related treaties and conventions.

He pointed out that the aggression has targeted the Yemeni citizens and state, and has worked to increase the suffering of the citizens on a daily basis by following a systematic policy of starvation represented in preventing and obstructing the entry of fuel tankers through the port of Hodeidah, the continued closure of Sana’a International Airport and the manipulation and speculation of Yemen currency.

The minister recalled that the United Nations and international humanitarian organisations have called the humanitarian situation in Yemen the worst man-made catastrophe in the modern world

Hisham Sharaf also affirmed that the US-Saudi-UAE aggression coalition continues its crimes in Yemen because of the double standards policy practiced by the international community.

“The reasons announced by the US-Saudi aggression for its intervention in Yemen, being to restore what they called ‘legitimacy’, fell from the first day, with the escape of all those claiming legitimacy to the countries of aggression and conspiracy against Yemen”.

“With the passage of each day of aggression it becomes clear that the aggression came to destroy Yemen’s capabilities and social fabric, occupy its islands and ports, plunder its wealth, attempt to infringe on national sovereignty and rob the Yemenis of their decision power,” he added.