Activists hold rally for Yemen in Stockholm

Activists hold rally for Yemen in Stockholm

A group of activists have organised a demonstration and photo exhibition in the center of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, marking the seventh anniversary of the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen that has been going on since March 26, 2015.

A Stockholm Manifestation for Yemen was held on March 25, 2022, organised by Yemeni activists in collaboration with Jemensolidaritet.

They demanded the immediate lifting of the blockade and the aggression that have been waging by the coalition against Yemen since seven years ago.

The protesters called on the international community to stop the war, lift the unjust siege on Yemenis and hold all criminals and murderers accountable for their crimes.

Over 40 participants took part in the protest, and the exhibition as well as speech were delivered by Ali Siphan, Ulf Sandmark and Hussein Askary, International Schiller Institute South West Asia Coordinator.

On behalf of the Schiller Institute, Hussien Askary said that “we are standing here today to call for the ending of the war of aggression waged against the Yemeni people by Saudi Arabia and UAE with the support of the United States, Britain and other countries.”

See Hussein´s speech with links to the upcoming Schiller Institute Peace conference here: