Saudi-led forces continue bombing Sana'a despite calls for peace

Saudi-led forces continue bombing Sana'a despite calls for peace

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes have resumed shelling of the capital Sana’a on Saturday night, targeting residential areas, a security official said.

The official explained that the Saudi-led coalition launches an air raid on Al-Nahdein area in Al-Sabeen district in Sana’a, and three others on the Jarban and Dhabwah areas of Sanhan districts in Sana’a province.

The airstrikes came after Mahdi all-Mashat, president of the Supreme political Council, launched a unilateral initiative and announced the suspension of missile and drone strikes and all other military actions against Saudi Arabia by land, sea and air for a period of three days.

The initiative included halting Yemeni offensive operations against Saudi Arabia and Saudi positions in Ma’rib, in exchange for Riyadh halting its airstrikes, lifting its blockade and releasing the oil derivatives ships.

Earlier on Saturday, the coalition warplanes launched a seires of airstrikes targeting two houses next to the Headquarters of the Civil Service Retirement Offices in Haddah area, killing 10 civilians, including women and children.