Two 'Israeli' police officers killed in Palestinian attack

Two 'Israeli' police officers killed in Palestinian attack

Two ‘Israelis’ were killed in a Palestinian attack in the city of al-Khedira, also known as Hadera, in the northern part of the occupied Palestinian territories on Sunday.

The ‘Israeli’ police identified the perpetrators as Palestinians hailing from the nearby city of Umm al-Fahm.

“Our officers managed to neutralise the assailants,” said ‘Israeli’ police spokesman Eli Levy.

The ‘Israeli’ entity’s Kan TV identified the two Zionists killed as ‘Israeli’ police officers. At least three more police officers were injured during the shootout, Levy reported.

Surveillance camera footage broadcast on ‘Israeli’ television stations showed two men opening fire with assault rifles on a main street in al-Khedira, which lies about 50 kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

On Tuesday, Zionist occupation forces martyred a young Palestinian man in the city of Bir Saba’ [Beersheba] in the southern part of the occupied territories, allegedly due an attack on Zionist settlers.

Some media outlets said the Palestinian youth was shot dead after he had killed four illegal Zionist settlers in a stabbing and car-ramming attack earlier that day.

Source: Agencies and Al-Manar English Website