Governor of Mahrah province warns against Saudi looting plots

Governor of Mahrah province warns against Saudi looting plots

The governor of Mahrah province in the National Salvation Government in Sana’a has warned against the continuation of violence by US-Saudi forces and their mercenaries, and their implementing of plans to loot the governorate’s wealth and destabilise security, stability and social peace.

Governor Al-Qatabi Ali Hussein al-Faraj praised the honourable stances of the people of the governorate and their rejection of projects that are strange to the Mahrah society, stressing the refusal of the people of Mahrah to calls for a suspicious dialogue in Riyadh between the US-Saudi mercenaries.

He confirmed that “the people of Mahrah are not deceived by false slogans launched by the US-Saudi mercenaries against their homeland, as they are responsible for thousands of crimes they committed against their countrymen in various provinces.”

Al-Faraj pointed to the aggression and land, air and sea blockade that Mahrah Governorate and Yemen in general have been subjected to for more than seven years, which have caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, amidst a shameful international and UN silence.

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