Large protests against occupation hit Mukalla in Hadhramaut

Large protests against occupation hit Mukalla in Hadhramaut

Angry protests have escalated Sunday evening in the occupied city of Mukalla, Hadhramaut province, local sources said

Protesters blocked roads and burned tires in several streets of the city in protest against the continued power outages, high prices, and deteriorating economic and living conditions.

According to the sources, the protesters set fire to set fire to the main gate of Mukalla State Radio, located in Al-Salam neighbourhood of the city.

The Hadhramaut Coast Electricity Corporation accused the US-Saudi aggression of cutting off service to the city of Mukalla.

The corporation indicated that the trucks carrying diesel fuel subsidized by the Petromasila company were stopped and their access to the power stations was prevented, warning that the entire electrical system would soon be out of service.

It attributed the power outages to the neglect of the coastal electricity grid by the government of Hadi.

The city of Mukalla is under the control of the so-called “Hadhramaut Elite” forces, under the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, which also controls its airport and oil harbour.