Aden and Hadhramaut provinces experiencing crippling fuel shortages

Aden and Hadhramaut provinces experiencing crippling fuel shortages

The southern Yemeni provinces of Hadhramaut and Aden have on Tuesday have witnessed a severe fuel crisis.

Local sources confirmed that most of the stations in Aden closed their doors to citizens, referring to the lack of oil derivatives.

In Mukalla, the administrative centre of Hadhramaut province, residents have been experiencing a fuel crisis for the second week in a row.

The price of oil derivatives reached a high record in the southern provinces, with the price of a 20 liter fuel can reaching more than 35,000 riyals.

On Sunday, fuel ship Apolytares, a crude oil tanker, docked at the port of Ash-Shihr in the occupied Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen, coming from the Chinese port of Zhoushan, with the aim of plundering Yemeni crude oil, an official source at the Oil Ministry in Sana’a said.

The source explained that the giant tanker is preparing to loot 316,679 tons of crude oil, which is equivalent to 2,375,090 barrels.

The value of the expected oil to be looted in this shipment is $251 million, or more than 226 billion Yemeni riyals, according to the source.

This crisis comes in conjunction with the escalation of complex crises in all areas which are under the control of Saudi-led coalition factions, as the latter continues to plunder the country’s wealth.