Saudi Arabia reportedly preparing corruption case against own former puppet "president of Yemen" Abdrabbuh Hadi

Saudi Arabia reportedly preparing corruption case against own former puppet "president of Yemen" Abdrabbuh Hadi

The Saudi regime is currently arranging a judicial case against former Yemeni president and erstwhile Saudi asset Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi on charges of corruption and theft of public funds, a Yemeni source in Riyadh familiar with the matter revealed.

The sources said that the Saudi royal palace directed the formation of a committee to account for the wealth of Hadi and his children, in preparation for a future trial and the confiscation of the riches he acquired during his time in power in Yemen and as head of the exiled government residing in Saudi Arabia.

The sources indicated that “Saudi Arabia and the UAE are preparing to present documents to the pro-coalition factions in Yemen, accusing Hadi of looting Yemen’s wealth.”

“Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are expressing fears that Hadi may leave Saudi Arabia and go to the West, which could risk him revaling issues related to the war in Yemen that Saudi Arabia and the UAE do not want to expose to the world.”

The sources indicated that the idea of detaining outgoing Hadi for a long period of time in Saudi Arabia might put Riyadh in an embarrassing position in front of the international community, which has caused Riyadh to try find grounds to jail the former president instead. This could also make it possible for Saudi Arabia to try hold Hadi personally responsible for any war crimes committed by the coalition in Yemen for the past 7 years.

Last Sunday, the Saudi committee began to confine funds of Hadi and his sons in Saudi Arabia, in preparation for their seizure and the transfer of the case file to the authorities loyal to the coalition in Yemen.

Former puppet president Abdrabbuh Mansour Had is currently subject to compulsory isolation with his family members in Riyadh, with his exact fate unknown to the public since he made a statement transferring his powers to the a so-called Presidential Council on April 7.

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