Yemeni defence workshop unveils various new types of weaponry

Yemeni defence workshop unveils various new types of weaponry

The Yemeni Defence Minister and Chief of General Staff praised the efforts made by members of the Armed Forces, Rocketry and Air Forces to confront the US-Saudi aggression.

During the closing ceremony of a workshop for defence leaders and the General Staff, Minister of Defence, Major General Mohammed al-Atifi, stressed that the Armed Forces “rose and developed in light of the aggression and were able to transform from defending to attacking thanks to concerted efforts.”

For his part, the Chief of the General Staff, Major General Hashem al-Ghumari, indicated that the Rocketry Force, the Air Force, the Air Defence and the Navy “have developed in a way that the enemies did not expect, in difficult circumstances that Yemen is going through as a result of the US-Saudi aggression and the siege.”

Last year, the Yemeni Armed Forces unveiled a number of new ballistic and winged missiles and drones, in addition to various types of weapons of the latest industries.

In the Martyr Leader Exhibition for Military Industries, which was opened on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Leader of the Revolution Sayyid Hussein al-Houthi, the Armed Forces unveiled new ballistic missile types named Sae’er, Qassem-2 , and Quds-2.

It also unveiled the so-called Wae’ed, Sammad-4, Shihab, Khattif, Mersad, Rajum and Nabaa drones, in addition to 11 new types of naval mines.

The spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, indicated that the Martyr Leader Exhibition was full of new industrial momentum in various military fields and specialties.

“It was all reached today by Yemeni steadfastness, sacrifices, and the directives of the revolutionary leadership,” he added.