Yemeni ambassador in Syria reaffirms solidarity with Palestine

Yemeni ambassador in Syria reaffirms solidarity with Palestine

The Ambassador of Yemen to Syria, Abdullah Sabri has affirmed the position of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council and the Yemeni people, in standing firm on the side of Palestine despite the US-Saudi aggression and the siege that has been imposed on Yemen for the past seven years.

At the Quds Conference for Palestinian Youths, organised by the Palestinian-Iranian Friendship Association in Damascus, Sabri referred to the ongoing preparations to commemorate the International Al-Quds Day in Yemen with an unprecedented public momentum in the region.

He praised the renewed intifada, calling for more support and solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and the revival of events related to Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Compound, especially during the International Al-Quds Day, which has become a household name for the unity of the Axis of Resistance.

The participants in the 16th session of the Quds Conference for Palestinian Youth discussed the means of uniting Palestinians in service of their cause, hailing the armed resistance operations in occupied Palestine and the peoples’ uprising in the face of Israeli forces.

The conference was held parallel to the upcoming International al-Quds Day, which was declared by Imam Sayyid Ruhollah Khomeini to take place each year on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

The final communiqué of the conference called for national unity among all Palestinian factions as well as for the reestablishing of the Palestine Liberation Organisation with a national plan based on resistance against the Israeli enemy.

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