Yemeni Health Minister concerns Saudi violation of UN-brokered truce

Yemeni Health Minister concerns Saudi violation of UN-brokered truce

Yemen’s Minister of Health said on Monday that the postponeming of the resumption of flights at Sana’a Airport by the Saudi-led coalition constitutes “a blatant violation of the most important part of the United Nation-brokered ceasefire agreement.”

Criticising the refusal of the Saudi-led coalition to permit the resumption of flights through Sana’a International Airport on Sunday, Taha al-Mutawakel told Al-Masirah TV channel that “postponing permission for the first flight to Sana’a by the [Saudi-led] coalition at the last second is aimed at worsening the pain and suffering of Yemeni patients.”

Al-Mutawakel added that over 30,000 Yemeni patients have been on a waiting list to receive medical treatment since three years ago, but the Saudi-led coalition has rejected all proposed plans to help them.

He further rejected the Saudi media propaganda that Yemen has picked a “selected number of individuals to leave the country,” noting that “this will only reveal the moral collapse of the aggressive countries and cross off any reasoning to continue the closure of Sana’a Airport.”

According to the minister, the Saudi-led collation is also responsible for worsening the critical health condition of the Yemeni people, since it has seized vessels shipping fuel for the hospitals in Yemen.

Following a two-month UN-brokered truce, which went into effect on April 2, the first flight was scheduled to arrive at Sana’a on Sunday and transport individuals in need of medical treatment to Amman, Jordan’s capital city.

However, Saudi Arabia refused to issue a necessary permit, in flagrant violation of the terms of the ongoing truce.