President Mahdi al-Mashat congratulates Yemeni workers on Labor Day

President Mahdi al-Mashat congratulates Yemeni workers on Labor Day

President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, has Wednesday sent a cable of congratulations to the male and female workers of Yemen on the occasion of the International Labor Day, May 1, and the blessed Eid Al-Fitr.

In the cable, President Al-Mashat expressed his congratulations to all the loyal and free workers of the Republic of Yemen on this global labor occasion, which restores consideration to this productive class that contributes to building human life.

He said that “the US-Saudi aggression” set its sights on the destruction of Yemeni national industries to turn the country into a consumer market. “It destroyed hundreds of factories, and thousands of the workers fell as martyrs at the production sites while they were performing their sacred duty.”

The aggression coalition also targeted, with its aggression, siege and comprehensive economic war, many basic labor rights and gains, foremost of which is the right to fair salaries and incentives, he added.

The President pointed out that the suffering that the people are experiencing today from the expansion of poverty, unemployment and the decline in economic activity is a direct result of the economic war waged by the aggression coalition led by America.

He commended the craftsmanship, skill and creative spirit of the Yemeni workers, and addressed them saying “We believe in your ability to overcome this stage based on our benign religious values that sanctify the concepts of work and giving and encourage sincerity in it.”