Yemeni Defence Minister: Army in high state of readiness but will continue to abide by UN truce

Yemeni Defence Minister: Army in high state of readiness but will continue to abide by UN truce

Defence Minister of Yemen, Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi, affirmed on Friday that the Yemeni Armed Forces will continue to exercise restraint and adhere to the UN-declared military and humanitarian truce.

In a news statement, the minister stressed the Armed Forces’ “keenness to exercise restraint, from a position of strength and responsibility, despite the documented and repeated violations of the Saudi-led coalition, in order to miss the opportunity for war merchants and to serve the higher interests of Yemen and its people.”

“Through our follow-up to the new political scenario of the countries of coalition and their tools, we and all our free people have a clear picture that they have no intention of peace,” he said.

Major General Al-Atifi pointed out that “the Yemeni Armed Forces are in a state of readiness, and high combat power by land, sea and air, are following the movements of the aggression forces during the truce period and monitor all developments, including the formation of the so-called multinational naval task force led by America and its deployment in the southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait, in flagrant violation of Yemeni territorial waters and with the goal of besieging Yemen, plundering its oil and gas resources, and imposing hegemony on international shipping lanes.”

He indicated that “the Yemeni people are always moving forward in its strategic paths towards liberation and independence, and in rejecting all forms of domination, guardianship and subordination to the forces of evil and aggression and its tools in the region.”

The minister saluted “the steadfastness, struggle, and sacrifices and triumphs made by the Yemeni people and its heroes of the Armed and Popular Forces in the face of the aggressors.”