Saudi-led authorities planning to lease Socotra Island to UAE

Saudi-led authorities planning to lease Socotra Island to UAE

Local sources have revealed the objectives of a visit conducted by officials of the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries that are loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, to the occupied island of Socotra, Yemen Press Agency reported, citing local source.

According to the source, minister Salem Abdullah al-Soqotri is seeking to activate the so-called “Dixam Agreement” and activate it under the direction of the Riyadh-backed Presidential Council, planning to lease Socotra island to the United Arab Emirates.

The sources confirmed that al-Soqotri carried out a campaign to collect the signatures of sheikhs and dignitaries on the island in coordination with UAE intelligence representative Khalfan al-Mazroui, in addition to taking approval from government offices under the control of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia.

The sources explained that he provided huge amounts of money to all those who agree to separate Socotra island from Yemen.

The sources attributed the raid on the house of Sheikh Saad Abdullah al-Farajhi last week in the district of Qulansiyah on the occupation forces, saying it was due to his positions in rejecting the removal of the Yemeni island from the motherland.

The UAE took control of Socotra island at the end of October 2016 under the guise of providing humanitarian aid, under the Dixam Reserve Agreement that was signed by Salem Abdullah al-Soqotri, governor of Socotra, and the UAE intelligence, in the presence of Khaled Bahah, planning to lease the island and turn it into the “jewel of the Middle East”, according to UAE claims at the time.

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