Another terrorist group falls into the dustbin of history

Another terrorist group falls into the dustbin of history

By: Alireza Niknam

Farajullah Chaab, the leader of the Al-Ahwaziyah terrorist group, was identified as the main perpetrator of the bloody terrorist attack in Ahwaz on September 22, 2018, by the Iranian military and has been trapped. On that day, coinciding with the anniversary of Saddam’s invasion to Iran and the beginning of the week of Holy Defense, a parade of armed forces was being held in the 92nd Armored Division area of Ahvaz when members of this terrorist group attacked the ceremony. In this incident, 25 military personnel and civilians who came to watch the ceremony were killed and 60 others were injured.

On January 18, 2022, the first hearing of the case of Farajullah Chaab, nicknamed Osivad, was held in branch 26 of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal, presided over by Judge Afshari. He is accused of planning and carrying out numerous terrorist operations and bombings in the Khuzestan province of Iran, including attacking the people of Ahvaz during the Holy Defense Week parade on September 22, 2018, in which 25 people, including a child, were killed and 60 people were injured.

some of the terrorist acts of Farajullah Chaab are the bombing of the Ahvaz governor’s office, the bombing of the Management and Planning Organization or the Khuzestan Planning and Budget Organization, the bombing of the Ahwaz Housing and Urban Development Administration, bombing in Ahwaz Environment Department, bombing in Khuzestan oil transmission lines, bombing in Ahwaz, Abadan and Mahshahr oil transmission axis, bombing in Dezful and Abadan governorship and also planning to bomb in the Ahvaz judiciary in 2005.

It should be noted that the agents of the Al-Ahwaziyah terrorist group are mainly based in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, and benefit from the financial and weapons support of Saudi Arabia! Despite the issuance of red notices for the main agents and leaders of the group by Interpol, so far no effective action has been taken by European countries and Saudi Arabia to hand over the leaders of the group. Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands are among the countries claiming human rights, but now they have placed this terrorist group in their country and somehow support them by not handing them over.

Chaab has lived in Sweden in recent years, acquiring European citizenship and plotting terrorist and separatist activities from there. Under Swedish law, any action against another country on Swedish soil is a crime and carries a heavy penalty, but in this case, the Swedish government apparently made an exception and even supported this person to the extent that according to him, the Swedish police also protected him.

While there was talk of the group’s links to Saudi Arabia, Denmark announced on February 3 last year that it had arrested and charged three members of the Arab Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz on charges of spying for Saudi Arabia. Hence, Denmark officially confirmed the group’s connection and espionage to Saudi Arabia and even arrested the Saudi ambassador for this issue. The Dutch police also stated that the Arab movement for the liberation of Al-Ahwaz had a military branch and had carried out armed attacks in Iran, most of which targeted the military or oil and gas fields and facilities.

Farajullah Chaab said after his arrest by the Iranian police: “Habib Nabgan, Yaghoub Nisi, and Issa Savari were involved in the terrorist operation in Ahvaz on September 22, 2018. Robbery of a contractor company and armed robbery of the Export Bank of Ahvaz were among our actions. It did not matter that people were killed in these operations, at the same time we started our operations with the Saudi intelligence service and had several meetings with them, and we carried out terrorist operations in the city of Ahvaz. Iran International TV is run with Saudi money and the Saudi intelligence has spent two million euros to launch the Ahwazna channel and 30 million euros for the international channel.” These are part of the confessions of Farajullah Chaab, the leader of the Al-Ahwaziyah terrorist group.