Missile attack targets US occupation forces in Syria

Missile attack targets US occupation forces in Syria

A missile attack on Monday evening targeted the Ash Shaddadi military base in Syria, which houses US occupation forces in Hasaka countryside, news agency Sana reported citing local sources .

According to sources, ‏several projectiles landed in the vicinity of the US-controlled al-Jabsa oil field in al-Shaddadi town late on Monday.

One of the rockets struck the al-Jabsa installations, where military aircraft of the US occupation forces are stationed.

Another one hit the headquarters of the al-Jabsa Fields Directorate, which American occupation forces use to manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles for Kurdish militants from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The sources said that ambulance sirens could be heard around the base after the incident.

US military drones flew over the field after it came under attack, and groups of SDF militants were also immediately dispatched to the town.

The US still maintains an illegal military presence in parts of Syria, as part of their occupation plans for the region.