UN Envoy confirms efforts to extend truce

UN Envoy confirms efforts to extend truce

The Special Envoy of the UN General Secretary for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, has confirmed the continuation of his efforts to extend the truce in Yemen, which will expire in two weeks, stressing the importance of seizing the truce in making progress towards resuming the political process.

This came during a press statement in conclusion of a two-day meeting with a diverse group of Yemeni public figures held in Amman, Jordan.

The meeting comes as part of his consultations with Yemeni groups on the way forward, including their priorities for economic, political, and security tracks.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to consult a diverse group of prominent Yemeni figures and experts at this pivotal moment in time. This is the time to seize the window of opportunity provided by the truce. Our focus is to ensure the truce is extended for the benefit of Yemeni civilians while making progress on the peace process,” Grundberg said.

According to the statement, participants discussed the implementation and extension of the ceasefire, as well as ways to capitalise on its momentum to initiate a comprehensive political dialogue.

Moreover, participants highlighted the need to continue prioritizing improving conditions and civilians’ livelihoods, including by lifting restrictions on the freedom of movement of individuals and commercial goods across all Yemen.

Furthermore, they highlighted the need to focus on the Yemeni economy and challenges related to the payment of salaries, bank transfers, discrepancies in exchange rates, and the unification of the Central Bank.

Additionally, discussions also highlighted the need to address the challenges facing Yemeni women and ensure their meaningful participation in the peace process.