Saudi-led puppet government sells oil field to UAE occupation

Saudi-led puppet government sells oil field to UAE occupation

The Saudi-backed Yemeni puppet government has sold an oil field in the southeastern province of Shabwah to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the main partner in the Saudi-led war against Yemen, media sources reported on Monday.

On Sunday, the Al-Khabar al-Yemeni website reported that the Ministry of Oil in the government of Maeen Abdul-Malik confirmed the sale of an important “oil sector” in Shabwah.

The ministry said, in a statement, that the “fifth sector” was handed over to a local company affiliated with the ministry. However, the name of the company was not mentioned.

This comes while previous reports stated that the ministry sold an important oil field to a “fake company based in Jebel Ali Port” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which revealed how the UAE benefits from its participation in the Yemen war.

The website pointed out that the ministry’s statement also came a day after the Emirati-backed mercenary unit known as the Giants Brigade assumed responsibility for securing the oil field, which produces tens of thousands of barrels of oil per day.

Yemeni media added that activists considered the ministry’s statement an attempt to “stave off the scandal of selling the facility and camouflaging the deal” in which the oil minister and puppet Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik received huge sums in bribes.