Supreme Economic Committee chairman participates in Oman negotiations with UN Envoy

Supreme Economic Committee chairman participates in Oman negotiations with UN Envoy

The Acting Chairman of the Supreme Economic Committee, Hashem Ismail, participated in a meeting held yesterday in the Omani capital of Muscat with the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, headed by the head of National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam.

During the meeting, in the presence of the Chairman of the Military Committee, Yahya al-Razami, they discussed the course of truce, the obstacles it faced, and the need to pay the salaries of state employees.
Ismail indicated that the initiative of the Supreme Political Council to open a special account for salaries in the Central Bank branch in Hodeidah, and to deposit the revenues of oil fuel ships to it, has been in place since 2020.

He stressed that despite the scarcity of revenues, depositing of wages continues to be done by the government in Sana’a, including the revenues of the ships that entered under the truce, and are used to disburse half a salary from time to time.

Ismail reiterated his readiness to coordinate any mechanisms to end the suffering of employees and retirees in all governorates, and disbursing their salaries on a regular basis.

He touched on the monthly revenues of oil looted by the Saudi-backed government, which amounts to approximately 260 million dollars per month, noting that despite these revenues, salaries of employees in the occupied governorates are still not being paid on a regular basis.

He also stressed that there is “no point in any truce that does not serve the citizens, and does not contribute to alleviating their suffering caused by the US-Saudi aggression, the siege, and the economic war that targets all the Yemeni people.”

The UN envoy stressed that the issue of state employees’ salaries will be a top priority that will be worked on.