Fuel crisis hits Yemen's Ma'rib city

Fuel crisis hits Yemen's Ma'rib city

Ma’rib city has been witnessing a stifling fuel crisis, as long queues of cars were seen on Monday in front of gas stations.

A local source in Ma’rib province said that the fuel crisis in the city comes as a result of trading with the quantities produced from Safer’s fields, which are designated for official stations, and selling them by officials and influential leaders of the Ma’rib authority loyal to the Saudi-led coalition on the black market to reap imaginary profits at the expense of the suffering of citizens in the province.

The source pointed out that the pro-coalition authority had deprived the people of the province in the liberated 11 districts of their shares of the fuel produced from Safer, as Islah Party (Brotherhood) leaders sell the quantities on the black market.

He confirmed that a wave of popular discontent swept across the province’s areas against corruption and the looting of the oil wealth by the authority loyal to the coalition.

The Ministry of Oil in Sana’a had revealed that “the aggression coalition forces” looted about 165 million dollars per month from Yemeni oil revenues, in a systematic looting operation aimed at depriving the Yemeni people of their oil wealth.