Yemeni diplomat reveals status of diplomatic talks on Taiz roads

Yemeni diplomat reveals status of diplomatic talks on Taiz roads

The Head of the Sana’a military delegation in Amman talks, Major General Yahya Al-Razami, revealed the results of the talks with the Saudi-led coalition delegation regarding the opening of roads.

Al-Razami said in a news statement on Tuesday: “We are still on our firm position on opening roads as a first stage contributing to alleviating the suffering of the sons of Taiz and the rest of the provinces.”
He stressed that the delegation presented initiatives to open 3 roads in Taiz as a first stage, which includes road of Karsh Al-Sharija Al-Raheda, Al-Sayla, Al-Sarmin-Salah, 50th, 60th Streets and Al-Difae Al-Jawiyi-Bir Pasha.

Al-Razami pointed out that the coalition party’s obstruction and rejection of the proposals presented by Sana’a prevented rapid progress, which has proved its seriousness in alleviating the suffering of citizens.

Major General Al-Razami affirmed that the other side seeking to achieve narrow political and partisan gains in order to serve its military objectives.

He announced that an agreement had been reached between all parties to form joint operations rooms to follow up violations on the fronts during the declared truce period.

“We will return to Sana’a soon to consult with the leadership and study the ideas and proposals that discussed with the representative of the United Nations,”Al-Razami added.