Joe Biden admits to US military deployment in Yemen

Joe Biden admits to US military deployment in Yemen

The White House has confirmed the deployment of US troops in Yemen, according to a letter sent to the US Speaker of the House.

This coincides with the continued stumble of US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Gulf, in which he is seeking support for the midterm elections, indicating Washington’s attempt to provide a new deposit of support to Saudi Arabia in their war against Yemen.

The White House published a letter sent by President Joe Biden to Congress informing it about the deployment of US forces.

Biden tried to disguise the letter by saying that their work is “to conduct operations against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS, as well as providing military advice and information to the Saudi-led coalition.”

The letter also included a justification for the work of US forces deployed in Saudi Arabia, which Biden said were “to protect US interests by providing air and missile defence capabilities and support the operation of United States military aircraft.”

Biden’s letter comes at an inconvenient time, as it coincides with increasing calls by Congress to end all US support for the Saudi-led coalition.