Severe food crisis hits UAE-occupied Socotra

Severe food crisis hits UAE-occupied Socotra

Sheikh Saad al-Farajahi, a social dignitary from Socotra said that the island has been “witnessing a flour and various foodstuffs crisis.”

“For a whole week, I have been looking for a bag of flour for my children in the island’s markets to no avail,” al-Farajahi said

He accused UAE and Saudi Arabia of being “behind the famine that is killing the sons of Socotra, and causing an unprecedented crisis in the lack of flour and wheat,”

“The spectre of starvation is gradually hitting the island,” he added.

He stressed that “Saudi Arabia and the UAE agree to disrupt service life, and to thwart any meetings of the executive office in the province.”

Al-Farajahi called for a massive popular uprising against the UAE-Saudi occupation on the island, in order to restore the national sovereignty and dignity of the residents on the Socotra.

He pointed out that a UAE militia has thwarted a meeting held at the end of May, chaired by Governor Ramzi Mahrous and aimed at developing a plan and strategy to provide food and secure the island during the monsoon period.

In the past hours of Sunday, Socotra witnessed angry protest demanding the UAE’s departure from the island.

The UAE imposed its military control over the island’s capital city of Hadibo in June 2020, after expelling Islah Party authorities stationed there.