Governor of Aden condemns criminal Saudi behaviour in province

Governor of Aden condemns criminal Saudi behaviour in province

The Governor of Aden Governorate in the National Salvation Government, Tariq Sallam, has confirmed that the Saudi-Emirati forces “have abandoned their pledges to protect its current government,” the Saudi-backed government, which caused a massive popular demonstrations in the street.

According to Yemeni news agency Saba, the governor of Aden explained that the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition “used criminal behaviour against the people of Aden and the occupied governorates by making Aden a focus for militias and chaos and filled cemeteries with victims of IEDs and assassinations.”

He pointed out that the presidential council “will only be a tool for a failed stage of the occupation and will fall into the same quagmire that his predecessor Hadi fell into after handing over the country with its capabilities and wealth to the occupier, helping the enemy to destroy Yemen and starve and kill the people.”

Sallam pointed out that “the Yemeni people are aware of the danger of the occupier’s scheme, which it seeks to implement at the expense of Yemen’s unity and sovereignty after eight years of aggression and occupation, in which Yemenis experienced suffering, hunger and poverty.”

Governor Sallam considered the angry demonstrations and protests in Aden as a means of fighting the occupation forces, and a form of struggle that “reflects the popular rejection of the presence of the occupier and its tools in Yemen.”

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