Emirati ship steals over 400,000 barrels worth of Yemeni oil from Shabwah

Emirati ship steals over 400,000 barrels worth of Yemeni oil from Shabwah

A giant ship carrying more than 400,000 barrels of crude oil has left Radhom port in Shabwah province on Sunday, local sources said.

The ship Gulf Aetos arrived in the last few days at the Radhom port, coming from the UAE, according to the sources.

The sources stated that the value of the crude oil quantity loaded by the ship is estimated at more than 43,460,000 dollars, according to oil prices on the international stock exchange, equivalent to 49 billion Yemeni riyals, according to the exchange rate in Aden.

The sources pointed out that the looting of crude oil from Yemen comes within the Saudi-led coalition’s acquisition of oil revenues and the country’s wealth, while continuing to cut the salaries of state employees for already over six years.

The sources stressed that “any procedures carried out through the pro-coalition government, whether by selling, waiving, transporting or transferring any of the shares and rights owned by any contractor member in any oil sector are considered unacceptable.”

The Yemeni sources called on the international community and international organisations to do their part in stopping the theft of the Yemeni people’s wealth by the pro-coalition government.

The latest oil theft comes about two weeks after a giant ship left the port of Ashihr in Hadhramaut province on June 11, carrying more than two million barrels of crude oil, with a total value of more than $270 million, equivalent to 162 billion Yemeni riyals.

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