Yemeni Defence Minister visits key military positions

Yemeni Defence Minister visits key military positions

Yemen’s Defence Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi has on Sunday visited sites of the army and popular committees in Ma’rib province.

“There is a great conspiracy against Yemen in the past and in the present by the countries of Saudi-led aggression coalition and those behind them, which is only to serve the Zionist entity,” Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi said during his visit to locations of the army forces.

He added: “the Zionist entity is going through his worst and fled to the countries of coalition for sake of protection. While the states of aggression run away and rush to normalize with it for the sake of protection. All of them are fugitives and the fugitive will not win.”

Al-Atifi affirmed that the aim of the aggression against Yemen is in order to humiliate the Yemenis, occupy territories and plunder wealth.

He added: The Yemenis uprooted the eyes of the countries of the aggression coalition, buried their noses into the dirt, and shook their thrones.

Al-Atifi praised the honorable national role of the people of Ma’rib and their support for the armed forces in promoting security and stability in the directorate of Sirwah and deterring the mercenaries.