Joe Biden vows increased US support for Zionist entity

Joe Biden vows increased US support for Zionist entity

US President Joe Biden has made various racist and bigoted remarks during his visit to the Zionist entity, as soon as he arrived at Tel Aviv airport on Wednesday evening, when he said it was “an honour to once again stand with friends and visit the independent Jewish state of Israel.”

During a brief arrival ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport, Biden affirmed that the United States will continue its work to combat what he described as “the poisons of anti-Semitism,” referring to Arab and Islamic resistance movements.

“Our relationship is deeper in my view than it has ever been,” Biden said.

He pledged to continue “working with Israel to strengthen its defence system, including the Iron Dome.”

Many observers consider that the President’s visit to the region is primarily aimed at strengthening the normalisation plans between the Saudi regime and the Zionist entity.

From the point of view of observers, Biden’s visit carries many indications of unlimited American support for the Israeli occupation. At the same time, it points to a new era of the US effort to enable the Israel at the expense of Arab issues, primarily the Israeli occupation of Palestine.