Supreme Political Council of Yemen condemns US president’s plots against Yemen

Supreme Political Council of Yemen condemns US president’s plots against Yemen

The Supreme Political Council in Sana’a said on Saturday that it rejects any outcomes issued by US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region that harm the sovereignty, security and stability of Yemen.

In a statement, the SPC deplored the talk about understandings about extending the truce, stressing that the truce, of which the side of the Saudi-led coalition aggression did not abide by the implementation of the terms, represented “a shocking and disappointing experience that cannot be repeated in the future,” vowing to have “constant readiness to strengthen any credible and secured efforts to real and practical treatments in the humanitarian and economic aspects.”

It pointed out that “external interference in Yemen’s internal affairs represents the major obstacle to peace in Yemen.”

The SPC affirmed that “peace in Yemen requires a clear and serious will and practical readiness by the countries of aggression to respect the sovereignty and independence of Yemen and to engage in a practical way in stopping the aggression, lifting the siege, ending the occupation and any form of military presence in Yemen, in addition to addressing all the effects and repercussions of the war, foremost of which is the release prisoners.”

“We have made many initiatives and concessions in order to alleviate the suffering and encourage the coalition of aggression to engage in peace, but to no avail, the countries of aggression still adhere to the blockade and impede the flow of ships to the port of Hodeidah, and while they open their airspace to the Israeli enemy – they still insist without any justification and in an arbitrary manner closing our Yemeni airspace and airports in a clear and declared war crime and in full view of the international community, which is complicit with the enemy and who denies all human values and all relevant laws, charters and treaties.”

It pointed out that all of these indicators show a lack of any credibility on the side of any American or Saudi talk on the issue of peace, and “confirm that America is not in the process of modifying its behaviour towards Yemen and the region as a whole, which makes the visit of the American president the object of condemnation, denunciation and rejection by the Yemeni people and all the free peoples of the nation.”

The Supreme Political Council condemned all attempts at normalisation with the entity of the Israeli enemy, and considered them “a grave betrayal of the nation and the just Palestinian cause.”

It called on all the free people of the Islamic nation to cooperate and work to thwart all these disastrous plans and Zionist attempts that seek to further humiliate and subjugate the free peoples of the world.

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