Severe environmental damage reported due to oil spills near Aden

Severe environmental damage reported due to oil spills near Aden

Recent satellite images have showed severe environmental and coastal pollution resulting from an oil spill off the port of Aden.

“The port of Aden continues to face multiple sources of oil pollution, starting on July 5 with a 14-kilometer-thick oil spill visible, likely from a single ship,” Wim Zwegenenberg, Head of the Humanitarian Disarmament Project at European Space Photography, said on his Twitter account.

He added, “The oil spills that were seen on July 21, 2022, which led to marine and coastal degradation and pollution, are still ongoing.”

The European official published more photos on his account showing more spills seen from various ships, between July 5 and July 21.

He emphasised that the oil spills would place an additional environmental burden on already damaged local marine ecosystems.

Aden and other southern governorates are witnessing security chaos, and almost daily crimes, under the control of the forces of US-Saudi aggression and Saudi-Emirati occupation. They also witness increasing of assassinations involving military security leaders, religious and social tendencies, kidnapping, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.