Justice department personnel protests against occupation in Aden

Justice department personnel protests against occupation in Aden

Members of the judicial authority in Aden province, controlled by Saudi-led coalition, on Sunday carried out a protest vigil in front of the Al-Ma’ashiq Presidential Palace gate.

The protestors demanded the “Riyadh-formed Presidential Council” to complete the formation of the structure of the Supreme Judicial Council, away from regional and partisan quotas.

In their vigil, the judges confirmed that the Supreme Judicial Council loyal to the coalition in Aden had become unable to perform the basic tasks, as a result of the appointment of unqualified cadres.

The participants in the vigil affirmed their solidarity and absolute support for Judge “Fahim Abdullah Mohsen Al-Hadrami” as a candidate from the judges of Aden to head the Supreme Judicial Council, given his reputation for integrity, efficiency and experience in judicial work.

In this context, the General Union of Judicial Authority Employees in Aden issued a statement declaring its full solidarity in the nomination of the national judicial figure, Judge Fahim.

The Union issued a statement in which it stressed asked the Presidential Council to appoint a president of the Judicial Council, who the judiciary’s employees trust in his ability to achieve their demands represented.

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