Shabwah forces attack UAE occupation base in region

Shabwah forces attack UAE occupation base in region

Gunmen in Shabwah on Monday launched a military offensive on the UAE most important base in the oil-rich province amid reports of serious damage.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on testimonies of tribal sources.

Tribal sources said the mortar shelling targeted a military airport for UAE forces inside the Balhaf facility, which the UAE occupation forces are based in the Arabian Sea.

The attack destroyed a number of airport towers.

The attack came hours after UAE-backed Shabwah governor Awad al-Wazir announced the removal of Abed Rabbo Lakab, commander of the Special Security Forces, who is affiliated with Islah party.

Earlier on Sunday, sources confirmed that unknown gunmen kidnapped five members of the Shabwah Defense militia, while they were passing through a city street and took them to an unknown place.

This came less than 24 hours after the Emirati- funded armed faction launched a massive arrest campaign against loyalists of the “special forces militia” led by “Abed Rabbo Lakab funded by Islah Party.