Missile attacks target Turkish consulate in Mosul

Missile attacks target Turkish consulate in Mosul

Iraqi sources reported that several missiles targeted the vicinity of the Consulate of Turkey in Mosul early Wednesday.

The Turkish consulate in Mosul in Nineveh province was targeted by missile attacks, Iraqi Sabreen News Agency said in a pot on Telegram channel .

While some vehicles have been damaged, there have been no immediate reports of casualties in the incident. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Simultaneously, other sources also confirmed that the “Zelikan” military base in the east of Mosul, was targeted by 5 rockets.

Zelikan military base, which is the headquarters of Turkish forces in the east of Mosul, has been the target of rocket attacks many times in recent days.

The incident comes after the Iraqi government asserted that Turkey was responsible for artillery strikes that killed at least eight people and wounded some 23 others in a resort area in Zakho District, Duhok Governorate, July 20.