Saudi-led forces storm house of Mahrah protest leader

Saudi-led forces storm house of Mahrah protest leader

Militias of the Saudi-led coalition stormed on Thursday a senior leader’s house in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen.

Local sources said that the militias stormed the house of the head of the anti-foreign occupation sit-in committee, Sheikh Ali Al-Haraizi.

Activists from the sons of Mahrah confirmed on social media that members of the “military police”of the coalition, including Emirati and Saudi officers, stormed with by 12 military vehicles, the house of Al-Haraizi, in Al-Mahif area.

The sit-in committee in Mahrah considered the storming of Sheikh Al-Haraizi’s house a blatant attack, describing it as a cowardly espionage act.

It vowed to respond to the violation of the house of the Al-Haraizi leader in a timely manner, calling on the free people of Yemen and Mahrah to stand united against the foreign occupation.

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