Yemeni Military Committee meets with UN representative

Yemeni Military Committee meets with UN representative

The Military Committee, Thursday, met with the Military Adviser to the United Nations Representative to Yemen, General Anthony Hayward, and the Director of the Office of the United Nations Representative in Yemen.

The Vice-Chairman of the Military Committee, Brigadier General Hussein Hashem, reviewed with General Hayward the continuous violations of the US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries of the UN-sponsored truce on various frontlines.

Brigadier General Hashem pointed out that preventing the entry of mine-clearing devices and equipment by US-Saudi aggression has exacerbated the suffering of citizens and requires a clear position from the United Nations.

For his part, General Hayward thanked Sana’a Military Committee for their clarifications on the violations, expressing his hope that the joint operations room would be a step to limit the violations.

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