Holiest place of Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca, receives new cover cloth

Holiest place of Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca, receives new cover cloth

One of the most watched ceremonies in the Islamic world takes place this Saturday when the Kaaba is adorned with its new Kiswa on Friday.
This is the first time that the Kaaba New Kisawa has been replaced in conjunction with the start of the Hijri New Year.

The cost of making a new 850-kilogram Kiswa is estimated to cost SR25 million, or over $6.5 million making it the world’s most expensive covering.

According to Saudi Gazette website, the new Kiswa consisting of four separate sides and the door curtain. Each of the four sides of the holy Kaaba was raised separately to the top of the Kaaba in preparation for its unfolding on the old side, and fixing the side from above by tying it down and dropping the other end of the side, after the ropes of the old side were loosened. By moving the new side up and down in a permanent movement, then the old side fell from below and the new side remained, and the process was repeated four times for each side until the dress was completed, then the belt was weighed in a straight line to the four sides by stitching it.


The number of pieces of the Kiswa belt of the holy Kaaba is 16 pieces, in addition to 6 pieces and 12 lamps at the bottom of the belt.

The holy Kaaba’s Kiswa consumes about 850 kg of raw silk, which was dyed black inside the complex, 120 kg of gold wire, and 100 silver wires.