Plane carrying Pelosi touches down in Taipei: Flightradar

Plane carrying Pelosi touches down in Taipei: Flightradar

The plane of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed at Taipei Songshan Airport on Tuesday, according to data of Flightradar flight tracking service.

On Monday, the Taiwanese press reported that Pelosi will spend the night at a hotel and will meet with the head of the island’s administration, Tsai Ing-wen, on Wednesday morning, as well as will address the Legislative Yuan (regional parliament).

This trip is the first visit by a speaker of the US House of Representatives to Taiwan in the last 25 years. The visit prompted a harsh reaction from China, which considers Taiwan part of its territory, and increased tensions in the region.

A delegation led by Pelosi is on an Asian tour, having already visited Singapore and Malaysia, with visits to South Korea and Japan expected. The landing in Taiwan was not officially mentioned in the program of the trip. However, according to the US media, the speaker herself intended to visit the island back in April. The trip was postponed when she tested positive for coronavirus.

Beijing has repeatedly warned Washington that if the visit does take place, it will not go without consequences and China will take tough and resolute action.

Source: Agencies