Yemen condemns Zionist aggression on Gaza

Yemen condemns Zionist aggression on Gaza

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, killing and injuring dozens of Palestinian citizens.

The Ministry affirmed the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to respond with the appropriate options, self-defense, and resistance to the occupying Zionist enemy.

For his part, Spokesperson for the National Salvation Government, Minister of Information Daifallah Al-Shami, affirmed the solidarity of Yemeni people and government with the brotherly Palestinian people and blessing their struggles, leading to an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.

He denounced the shameful Arab complacency and betrayal towards the Palestinian people, noting that the normalization of some Arab countries encouraged the Zionist enemy to continue violations and crimes against the Palestinian people.

Minister Al-Shami called on the international community, especially the Security Council, to move away from the policy of double standards and to play its role in putting an end to the Zionist crimes and its barbaric policies that undermine security and stability in the region and the world.

He expressed its sincere condolences to the Islamic Jihad Movement for the martyrdom of the leader, Tayseer al-Jabari and his heroic bodyguards, and to all the Palestinian people for the fall of a number of martyrs in the Zionist attack.

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