Hundreds of thousands gather across Yemen to commemorate Islamic holy day of Ashura

Hundreds of thousands gather across Yemen to commemorate Islamic holy day of Ashura

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis in the capital Sana’a and a number of provinces have on Monday staged mass rallies commemorating the Day of Ashura and the anniversary of Imam Husayn’s martyrdom.

During the events, speeches and poems were delivered that spoke about the revolution of Imam Hussain and the position of truth that he had taken in the face of tyrants and oppressors.
At the rallies, the participants raised banners and slogans denouncing the US policy in the region.

The crowds, who carried Yemeni and Palestinian flags, slogans of freedom chanted slogans condemning the aggression against Yemen and Palestine, calling for more steadfastness to confront the aggressors.

The protesters confirmed their adherence to Imam Husayn’s approach, his teachings and the examples set during his life.

A statement issued by Ashura rallies, strongly condemning the “Israeli” aggression on Gaza, targeting the resistance’s leaders, and the repeated incursions into the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It also affirmed Yemen’s support for the Palestinians’ right to respond to the “Israeli” attacks and called on the nation’s free people to stand by the oppressed Palestinian people.

“We affirm our position with the axis of jihad and resistance in the face of the Zionists until they are defeated and the Palestinian sanctities are liberated. We affirm our support to Lebanon in face of the “Israeli” threats, particularly the Islamic resistance represented by Hezbollah,” the statement read.

According to the statement, the strength that Hezbollah has accumulated represents a strength not only for Lebanon, but also for the entire nation, and a spearhead for the axis of resistance.

“ Amid the UN announced truce, we warn the Saudi-led coalition that we’re ready to confront your aggression, siege and arrogance,” the statement concluded.

Ashura marks the annual commemoration of the Battle of Karbala, in which Imam Husayn, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, together with most of his family and followers, many of whom were family and early followers of the Prophet Muhammad, were brutally murdered by forces of the Umayyad leader Yazid.

Millions of people gather around the shrine of Imam Husayn in Karbala every year, as well as in many other places in the world, to commemorate Ashura.