Mercenary infighting flares up in Shabwah

Mercenary infighting flares up in Shabwah

Clashes have erupted between a pro-Islah force and another affiliated with the UAE-backed Al-Amaliqa Brigades have expanded in Yemen’s southeastern Shabwah province.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on testimonies of local sources.

According to the sources, a force of “Al-Amaliqa” clashed with another from the 30th Infantry Brigade in the Ataq axis near the city of Ataq, before the special security forces joined to back up the latter.

The so-called ‘Shabwah Defense Forces” supported the “Al-Amaliqa” used  artillery and tanks in the clashes which extended  to Dirham Street, and mortar shells fell on various parts of the vicinity of the area, the sources said.

The source confirmed that at least one soldier was killed and 8 others from both sides were wounded, including the commander of the first battalion in the 30th Brigade, Lashaqm al-Barasi during the clashes that are still going on.