Graduation ceremony held for Yemeni military cadets

Graduation ceremony held for Yemeni military cadets

The Sixth Military Region celebrated on Tuesday with a graduation ceremony for the latest batch of military recruits, under the title “We will take vengeance from the criminals .”

At the ceremony, Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, praised the efforts of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Sixth Military Region, and what he witnesses during the military parade, which showed the extent of the strength and the supreme readiness of the army and the popular committees.

Al-Houthi addressed the Saudi-led coalition forces by saying: “With these heroes and lions, men of the fourth, fifth, sixth, central, border guards and all military regions, we will confront you and challenge you because you are bands of evil and forces of tyranny.”

He added, “These heroes did not come to show off at the ceremony, but rather came to announce the readiness to defend their people.”

The member of the Supreme Political Council continued, directing his speech to the aggression coalition forces, “You will be defeated and subjugated, and everything you spent and what you gave will be a disaster for you.”

Al-Houthi went on sarcastically, “Here we are watching your armor vehicles parade in front of us, and it is only a small part of what the Mujahideen seized on various fronts.”

He valued the positions of the Yemeni nation, which proved its originality, loftiness, pride and strength in the field, stressing that the Yemeni nation had united to confront the arrogant enemy.

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