UAE-led militants attack Islah Party official’s house

UAE-led militants attack Islah Party official’s house

Militias backed by the United Arab Emirates stormed on Wednesday the house of the commander of the “Special Forces” affiliated with Islah Party, Abd Rabbo La’kab, in the city of Ataq, the Shabwah provincial capital.

Activists on social media circulated pictures of the looting of the contents and furniture of the leader’s house, after it had been besieged since last Sunday, by the so-called Shabwah Defense militia that brought in by the UAE from Dhalea and Yafa, with the support of the Emirati air force.

They confirmed that Emirati drones targeted Islah militants’ military points with more than 30 air raids, allowing the Shabwah Defense militia to advance towards the Islah-held areas.

The activists pointed out that the looting process took place in many homes of citizens and pro-Islah leaders from the military brigades in the Ataq axis.

Earlier in the day, the UAE-funded militia imposed its control on the “Special Forces” camp in the center of Ataq.

The confrontations came after the Shabwah governor, appointed by the UAE, Awadh Al-Awlaqi, overthrew the commander of the Special Forces of Islah Party, Abed Rabbo Lakab, earlier this week, without referring to the leadership of the Ministry of Interior in Aden government.