Oman categorically refuses airspace acces to Israeli airplanes

Oman categorically refuses airspace acces to Israeli airplanes

The Sultanate of Oman has refused so far to grant Israeli airlines permits to cross its airspace, in a move that Tel Aviv did not expect.

The Hebrew “Ynet” website reported that the Sultanate of Oman has not yet given its consent to Israeli airlines to fly over its airspace, despite the agreement of its Saudi neighbor to allow Israeli aircraft to fly over its airspace during its flights to the Far East.

The website pointed out that the Israeli authorities did not expect the Omani position, but rather the expectations were that the matter would be “easier.”

On July 15, the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority announced the opening of the Kingdom’s airspace to all commercial flights of air carriers that meet the transit requirements.

The announcement, which did not exclude the Zionist entity, came in conjunction with the first visit of US President “Joe Biden” to the kingdom, amid speculation that Israeli airlines will achieve significant gains by reducing travel time to some destinations.

The Omani consent is of great importance, and it is necessary, because without it there is no possibility of exiting from Saudi airspace towards the Indian Ocean, and then to various destinations in the East.

To exit from Saudi Arabia towards the east, one must pass through Yemeni or Omani airspace, and flying over Yemeni airspace is not possible because of the war there, and there are no relations between the Zionist entity and Yemen.