Egypt: Church fire kills dozens in Giza

Egypt: Church fire kills dozens in Giza

More than 40 people were killed when a fire ripped through a Coptic Christian church in a working-class district of greater Cairo during Sunday mass, church officials said.

At least two officers and three civil protection service members were injured responding to the fire at Abu Sefein church, Egypt’s interior ministry announced in a Facebook post.

The statement added that the fire started around 9 a.m. local time and was caused by an electrical failure in an air conditioning unit on the church’s second floor.

Most of the deaths and injuries were caused by smoke inside church classrooms after the electric failure, the interior ministry said.

The blaze, blamed on an electrical fault, hit the Abu Sefein church located in the densely populated Imbaba neighbourhood west of the Nile river, part of Giza governorate.

Source: News Agencies