Yemeni parliament speaks out on Zionist attacks against Syria, Lebanon and Palestine

Yemeni parliament speaks out on Zionist attacks against Syria, Lebanon and Palestine

The House of Representatives renewed its condemnation and denunciation of the attacks of the Zionist enemy on Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, the latest of which was the launching of air raids on the countryside of Damascus and Tartous in Syria, its violation of the Lebanese airspace and its continuous attacks on the Palestinian people.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the Representatives affirmed the solidarity and support of the Yemeni people with Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian people, despite the crisis they are going through amid the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and the siege imposed on Yemen for more than seven years.

It strongly condemned the silence of the international community with the usurper Zionist enemy towards its arrogance in committing more crimes against the brothers in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, tampering security and stability of the region.

It considered this shameful silence as participation and a green light to commit more attacks, crimes and violations against independent and sovereign Arab countries.

The House of Representatives called on the free people of the world and members of Arab and Islamic parliaments to support all Islamic people in every Arab country subject to aggression and violation of sovereignty.

The statement called on the Security Council and the United Nations and their bodies and organizations to bear responsibility and hold the Zionist enemy accountable for its crimes and violations, or to declare its inability to exercise its role and to stop the policy of double standards towards Arab and Islamic issues.