Saudi-backed Wahhabi extremists destroy grave of Sufi cleric in occupied Yemen

Saudi-backed Wahhabi extremists destroy grave of Sufi cleric in occupied Yemen

Al-Qaeda and ISIS takfirist elements from “ Al-Amailqa Brigades” on Thursday destroyed the mausoleum of a Sufi scholar on the coast of Shabwah province, eastern Yemen.

Activists from Shabwah reported on social media that takfiri elements blew up the dome and mausoleum of the scholar Abdulrahman bin Omar Badas, in the Arqa area, near the coast of Radhum district, with an explosive device.

They also confirmed that the Takfiri elements have bombed a number of religious monuments in several areas of Shabwah over the past days.

Activists attributed the reasons for the bombing of domes and shrines to the fact that the takfiri elements see them as “Shirk”, (which means in Islam is the sin of idolatry or polytheism), must be demolished for fear that the people may deviating from the true religion, and that their demolition is obligatory and desirable.

The destruction of the shrine of the scholar Badas caused widespread anger among the people of Shabwah, considering it a crime that offends the religious symbols of the preachers of the province.

It is worth noting that Al-Qaeda terrorist elements had destroyed Al-Noor Mosque in Al-Khokha district of Hodeidah province. The mosque dates back to 700 years.

In addition to destroying dozens of shrines and religious domes along the west coast, and in various southern governorates.

In April, the terrorist elements destroyed the tomb of a Sufi scholar, Ali bin Hilal, and another known as Ubaid bin Ahmed, in Al-Madara area, and demolished them on the pretext of heresy and ‘haram’ (prohibited).

In December 2021, the extremist elements of the “Al-Amaliqa” blew up one of the tombs, and before that Al-Balkhi Mosque in Hays district in Hodeidah province, whose foundation dates back to the era of the apostolic state.