Yemeni government stresses Yemen’s unity and sovereignty

Yemeni government stresses Yemen’s unity and sovereignty

The Supreme Political Council (SPC), in its meeting on Monday headed by President of the Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, affirmed Yemen’s geographical and social unity and sovereignty over its wealth.

The meeting was briefed on what the Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries are doing in terms of tampering with the achievements and gains of the Yemeni people and plundering its wealth. The council held all those who endanger Yemen or its wealth responsible for the results, whether they were parties, companies, countries or alliances.

The council pointed out that Yemen’s oil revenues alone are sufficient to pay salaries to all state employees, and that the coalition and its mercenaries bear the responsibility of tampering with and squandering this wealth, as well as not paying state employees’ salaries.

It stressed that Yemen’s wealth, represented in gas and other resources, should contribute to the infrastructure and the provision of services to citizens at the present time.

The governmental efforts being made in the areas of development and dealing with the damage caused by rain and torrential rains were reviewed during the meeting.

In addition, the council valued the wide military parades taking place in the Republic of Yemen, on the occasion of the graduation of a number of specialized military forces, praising the blessed efforts made in this context.