Foreign Minister of Yemen condemns Saudi role in crisis during meeting with UNICEF

Foreign Minister of Yemen condemns Saudi role in crisis during meeting with UNICEF

Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf discussed, during his meeting, Wednesday, Deputy Executive Director of UN Children’s Fund “UNICEF” Hanan Omar Suleiman, and the Regional Director of UNICEF, Adele Khader, the humanitarian and service interventions that Yemen is going through as a result of US-Saudi aggression.

Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the Yemeni people have suffered from the repercussions of the humanitarian catastrophe created by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression in various regions of Yemen, in conjunction with a comprehensive siege that directly affected all segments of society.

He explained that one of the results of the aggression and siege was the inability of many children to join the educational process and receive appropriate health and environmental services.

Minister Sharaf called on UNICEF to intensify its efforts in supporting the necessary humanitarian service projects in the fields of water, education and health to alleviate to some extent the repercussions of the humanitarian catastrophe that Yemen is going through as a result of aggression and siege.

He pointed out that raising the level of service for the Yemeni citizen requires, in the first place, ending the US-Saudi aggression and lifting the siege on Yemen, leading to a peaceful settlement and lasting peace that the Yemeni people.

The Foreign Minister called on the US-Saudi aggression to seize the opportunity of the truce and the repeated calls from the leadership in Sana’a for peace.

The Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF indicated that the fragile humanitarian situation in Yemen is a top priority for UNICEF, which is working hard with donors to provide funding for urgent humanitarian projects.

The United Nations continues to exploit the war on Yemen by collecting donations in the name of saving the Yemeni people.

The organizations of the United Nations issue every now and then many reports about the extent of the bad humanitarian situation in Yemen, reporting on malnutrition among children and pregnant mothers in order to collect financial donations.

The organizations do not talk about the effects of the war imposed on Yemen over the past eight years. Rather, they worked to mislead the international community by talking about a “civil conflict” away from the existence of a large international coalition waging a war on Yemenis.

Meeting the humanitarian needs of citizens and reporting on record levels on child malnutrition and the threat of famine in Yemen, as a result of what it describes as conflict, was the most common slogan promoted by the UN to obtain funds.