Yemeni Petroleum Company employees protest against Saudi piracy

Yemeni Petroleum Company employees protest against Saudi piracy

The employees of the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) on Wednesday organized a protest vigil in Sana’a, denouncing the piracy practiced by the US-led aggression coalition on oil derivatives ships, especially during the temporary truce.

They denounced the continued detention of the mazut ship “Golden Eagle” of the electricity sector, despite it was inspected and given entry permits from the United Nations.

A statement issued by the vigil indicated that the detention of the mazut ship is added to the list of arbitrary practices and violations committed by the aggression coalition in light of the silence of the United Nations.

The statement called for the speedy release of the mazut ship to ensure the continuation of providing the electricity service to citizens, and the prevention of piracy on oil derivatives ships, as fuel is an important commodity of a humanitarian nature.

It called on the United Nations and its envoy to assume their full responsibility because they are concerned with supervising and following up on the implementation of the temporary truce provisions, and obligating the aggression coalition forces to release the detained mazut ship and not to piracy on fuel ships.