UAE-backed separatists take over entire Abyan coastal strip

UAE-backed separatists take over entire Abyan coastal strip

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias on Saturday took control of the entire coastal strip of the Abyan province, south of Yemen.

Local media said that the so-called “security belt” militia of the STC in “Delta” areas had deployed on the international line and the coastal strip extending to Ahwar district.

The sources confirmed that, after their spread, the security belt militia began combing the eastern district of Ahwar until “Al-Arqoub” mountain overlooking Shuqra area.

In the context, a statement issued by the central operations of the “security belt” militia said: “The redeployment process started from receiving the first security point from Shabwah direction after combing and securing the city and Al-Qasha’a point according to the deployment plan for the southern forces on the coast of Abyan.”

The “Siham Al-Sharq” operation will continue until the province is cleansed of terrorist elements, as the statement said.

It is worth noting that this operation, which was launched by Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, president of the STC and member of the “Riyadh-formed Presidential Council” headed by Rashat Al-Alimi, is still continuing despite the issuance of a decision by Al-Alimi to stop this operation.