139 Yemeni fishermen abducted by Eritrean naval forces

139 Yemeni fishermen abducted by Eritrean naval forces

The General Authority for Fisheries in the Red Sea on Sunday condemned the kidnapping of 139 Yemeni fishermen by Eritrean navy pirates while they were fishing in Yemeni sea waters in the Red Sea.

The authority stated in a statement today, Sunday, that the kidnapped fishermen are from Mocha district of Taiz province and Al-Khokha district of Hodeidah province, among them 23 who were not even of legal age, all of whom were fishing in the territorial waters of the Republic of Yemen.

The statement emphasised that the detained fishermen were taken to a camp on the Eritrean coast, and their property and fishing equipment, which are the only sources of livelihood for them and their families, were confiscated.

In its statement, the authority denounced the continued silence of the United Nations, its humanitarian organisations and the international community towards the criminal practices of Eritrean pirates against defenseless Yemeni fishermen.

The authority called for urgent action to release the detained fishermen and their fishing equipment, and to work to stop all recurring criminal acts against all fishermen.